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The original BEYRoots van was purchased in April 2017 to launch the business and fulfil the dreams of BEYRoots owner Tariq whilst using the inspiration his late father Imad gave him.


After an interesting first drive down the M40 and M25 maxing out at 45 miles per hour, Tariq made it back to Surrey ready to get to work.

The van underwent a makeover of epic proportions thanks to the skilled hands of Paul Arthur at PA Classic Welding. Paul installed the serving hatch and other bits of metalwork for the van.

Following on from that, the cooking bits were fitted ready to serve, and the van was wrapped with Beyroots branding.

Driving the HY van around London to it's first pitches was stressful but always an experience! It was hard work (with frequent breakdowns!) but the HY van was the key to the success of the business and the start of a bigger journey with more trucks and our permanant locations following soon after.

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