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Tariq Khaldi,

on the brand Roots


The idea for BEYRoots began in November 2016.

My dad, Imad, had always wanted to buy a Citroen HY Van to serve Lebanese food to the streets of London. When he passed away in December 2015 I knew that this was something that I had to do one day.


I was losing touch with my job as a Building Design Engineer and began laying out my plans:

to serve Authentic, tasty and affordable Lebanese food to the people of London.


No Fusion Rubbish, No Artisan Crap and No False Pretenses JUST REAL LEBANESE FOOD


The exact food that I have eaten during every one of my countless journeys to Lebanon.


Despite being born and raised in London, my Lebanese heritage is important to me and ever since I was a small child I learnt the importance of food in Lebanese culture whilst also exploring Beirut.

 It's been an exciting journey seeing the brand develop and grow, and I cannot wait to expand BEYRoots further


Serving it up AS IT SHOULD BE

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